Derby Street Woody Wall

Our friends at Boston Art and Derby Street teamed up to come up with a great concept for a mural wall. Once briefed on the idea of an old Jeep “Woody” with different seasonal items on top, we got to work on some designs and kicked it off with a big ol Christmas tree on top for the holiday season.

We are going to be installing new “toppers” on the jeep for every new season, so stay tuned.

Legacy Place Mural

Got an opportunity to do another mural for Legacy Place in Dedham, MA. This time a large scale colorful mural with fun message to brighten up one of the lonelier corners of the space.

Stormalong Cider Cooler Box

Here is the first of a couple fun projects for Stormalong Cider.  We just built a custom box to cover their “cooler” through which they run their kegs/taps at any events and off-site locations. Our design has a few different types of salvaged/reclaimed wood panel on all sides with woven corners and a copper wrapped top. The badge is painted blue and screen printed to get a crisp logo on the front.

Pretty happy with how this came out and looking forward to the rest of our collaborations!