Cybereason Office Mural

Thanks to an invite from good friend Caleb Neelon, we were able to collaborate with him on a fun little mural for the lobby of Cybereason. Located in the Back Bay neighborhood of Boston, their new office needed some custom lobby art to help bring some energy to the entryway and help them stand out from their neighbors.

Using their logo, some “malops”, a couple sharks, and some other bits taken from their brand identity we created this fun piece in a day in order to be reveled as a surprise the next day.

Hope everyone at Cybereason enjoys it! Thanks Caleb!

Cybereason lobbyIMG_3605IMG_3606IMG_3609

Closer to Free Mural

We received a request to help out with the production of a mural in New Haven, CT for the Yale Cancer Centers “Closer to Free” program, bringing inspiration and awareness to others in the fight against cancer. The end product was to be used in a TV commercial highlighting the hospitals program. The style was a little different than what we are used to painting, so it was a fun challenge to reproduce their provided artwork on a 30′ scale.

The end mural was left “unfinished” on purpose so the actual program participants, survivors themselves, could finish the mural while being filmed for a eventual TV commercial. Check out the 60 second spot below!

Thanks to everyone involved to allowing us to participate in such a great project, and special thanks to Caleb Neelon for helping organize and execute this one. (And of course New Haven for the pizza!!!)

Closer to Free Mural,  Acrylic & Spray Paint, 30' x 18'

Closer to Free Mural,  Acrylic & Spray Paint, 30' x 18'. Left to Right:  Dana Woulfe, Caleb Neelon, and Josh Falk