Vibram USA Testing Center Mural

The great outsole company Vibram has its US headquarters here in Massachusetts, and they just asked us to design a custom mural for their new testing center. This room will be where the outsoles are subjected to a bunch of testing in different extreme conditions to ensure the product does what it’s intended to do. We worked with the team there to come up with a custom designed mural that depicted different extreme weather conditions, in various locations such as the desert, mountains, rivers etc. to concede with the different testing scenarios.

The end result, is a cool wrap around mural that covers the entire room, with focal points in each corner. Pictures of the finished art can be seen below, and hopefully soon we can share some pics of the room with all of the testing stations in place!





VibramTestCenter 3

VibramTestCenter 1

VibramTestCenter 2

VibramTestCenter 6

VibramTestCenter 5

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