Studio Fresh FAQs


What info should I provide to get an estimate?

Please email us at contact@studiofreshboston.com with as much of the following

information as possible:

– Project type (mural, signage, etc.)

– Are you looking for custom design or do you have artwork ready to paint?

  • If you have artwork ready, please provide for accurate estimate.
  • If you are looking for custom design please send as much direction as possible.

– Size/Dimensions of artwork/wall.

– Type of surface (drywall, brick, wood, metal etc…)

– Worksite info (any restrictions of working hours or materials?)

– Deadline (if applicable)


What’s next?

One of us will be in touch within a few days to confirm details and provide an initial estimate. If the estimate is approved we then ask for a 50% deposit before we begin creative or schedule install.


How do you price your work?

We price our jobs using an hourly rate. We estimate our projected time for design, pattern making, prep work, painting and/or construction. Then we figure in material costs and travel costs if we’re working on location.



– Please have the job area clean on day(s) we are scheduled to install. We will not be responsible or liable for moving any furniture, machinery, equipment, etc. that may be obstructing the job site.

– Please have surface prepped for us in advance. If surface needs new paint or any other reapirs, please allow 2 days to dry and cure before we arrive. Otherwise, please have wall clean of dirt/dust and ready for paint. We will not be responsible for any damage to mural/signage due to pre-existing wall conditions (ie. Dirt/dust, crumbling concrete, rusting metal, peeling base layers)

– Please do not book us while work area is busy. In addition to us needing space to work and step back, we need to ensure the work is not damaged while still wet. We will not be responsible to damage done to work by other workers on site.