47 Brand Dome

Following up our previous collaborations with 47 Brand for the Boston Calling music festival, this time we pulled together all of our combined strengths and resources to create our best experience yet! The 47 Brand Dome! Starting with a hub kit from Natural Frequency we cut custom sized struts and panels and assembled the structure. We then decorated the panels, and covered the open spaces with slats and canvas to get different shadow and light play inside.

Inside the dome 47 Brand was showing promo videos and had some product set up, along with a bunch of chairs to create a chill hideout for all the concert attendees looking to escape the crowds for a minute. It created a great opportunity for 47 Brand to interact with people 1 on 1 and let them know about their brand and the cool stuff they are doing in the community.


Looking forward to continuing our relationship with 47 Brand at Boston Calling next summer!

47brandxStudioFresh_dome_2015-3 47brandxStudioFresh_dome_2015-2 47brandxStudioFresh_dome_2015-1 IMG_3858 IMG_3829 IMG_3822


47Dome 6

47Dome 3



47Dome 2

47Dome 1


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