Cybereason Office Mural

Thanks to an invite from good friend Caleb Neelon, we were able to collaborate with him on a fun little mural for the lobby of Cybereason. Located in the Back Bay neighborhood of Boston, their new office needed some custom lobby art to help bring some energy to the entryway and help them stand out from their neighbors.

Using their logo, some “malops”, a couple sharks, and some other bits taken from their brand identity we created this fun piece in a day in order to be reveled as a surprise the next day.

Hope everyone at Cybereason enjoys it! Thanks Caleb!

Cybereason lobbyIMG_3605IMG_3606IMG_3609

Chew Lab Mural

Just wrapped a fun new mural/sign for a cool new business in Cambridge called Chew Lab. Focusing on creating smart, healthy foods, they work with other businesses to help them develop new products.

Adam, the owner, tasked us with creating a mural that not only let everyone know what the name of the business was but also told a bit of a story about what they do. So we made a fun colorful collage around the company name, that has hidden details all over relating to the business, as well as a side wall that acts as a “peek” into the “lab” behind it all.

Thanks to Adam and the team at Chew for working with us! Look forward to seeing what comes out of this space!










Over the summer we were asked to come in on a new project being developed in town by George “Monk” Foreman III. He was building a new boxing/lifestyle gym in South Boston, EveryBodyFights, and we were tasked with bringing his vision to life on the walls within the new space. After working closely with them for several weeks to develop a look and feel that fit with the rest of the brands image, we settled on a design and got to painting.

We brought in our talented friend Kenji Nakayama to join us on this one, and together did three walls total; a large wall in the main gym area and two smaller ones in the main entry way. The end results exceeded expectations on this one, and really set the tone for how the rest of the space should look.

Thanks to George, AJ and the rest of the team at EBF!









Downeast Cider Brewery

Just finished a new wall for Downeast Cider, who is opening a new brewery right next door in Charlestown.

We had been looking to experiment with some trees lately…

(Combining my color washes and geometric shapes with Joshs more rendered tree paintings)

…and when this opportunity popped up it seemed like the perfect fit!

Lots of fun going big on this one… thanks for the opportunity Downeast and for the delicious cider!

(They have a great cranberry apple flavor…..who knew?)

Lastly, thanks to Lot F for coming out to film once again! Always fun!

Dana Woulfe and Josh Falk – DownEast Cider from Lot F Gallery on Vimeo.