47 Brand “Players Card” Photo Booth

This past May we worked with 47Brand again to create another fun interactive experience for the attendees of the Boston Calling music festival. We came up with the idea of a “baseball card style” custom photo booth with a hand painted backdrop of Fenway Park, custom lighting for the evening hours and a hand full of gear and props from 47 Brand.

Needless to say it was a lot of fun watching people get geared up and pose all night. The results can be found on instagram and Facebook under the hashtag #47brand.

Great times once again working with Ryan and crew at 47 Brand. Can’t wait to do it again in September!


47BrandCardPhotoBooth-2015 4

47BrandCardPhotoBooth-2015 3


47BrandCardPhotoBooth-2015 2

47BrandCardPhotoBooth-2015 1

Rebel IPA

This past December we were asked by Samuel Adams to help them launch their new beer, Rebel IPA, at an event at the Middle East in Cambridge, MA. We created a medium sized panel that we prepped in studio and then painted live during the event. The concept was to incorporate words and phrases in the piece that were being tweeted with the hashtag #rebelipa.

Our good friend Jesse O’Driscoll was brought in to produce a little video of the process…and the awesome result is below..along with a few pics from Samuel Adams.

We had a great time with this one… Working for a beer company has its perks and we were kept pretty happy throughout this project..and for some time after as well.

Thanks for coming our way Sam…hope we get to work together again soon!