Riverworks Gym

Got to revisit one of our older job sites today and see how the murals we did at Riverworks were holding up. Everything looks great still, and we were excited to be asked to add something new in the Gym. We worked with the team at Riverworks to come up with a theme that would add some visual interest but not be too overwhelming/distracting and help compensate for the fact that the gym did not have any exterior facing windows

It was fun doing these Trompe l’oeil pieces, and we hope that once people are back in the gym everyone enjoys them!

Everybody Fights Atlanta

We took a quick trip down to Atlanta to install this all-over graphic at Everybody Fights‘s newest satellite location at the Windy Hill Athletic Club.

EBF Philly

We just wrapped up a new EveryBody Fights location, this time in Philadelphia. We did a full, wall to wall – floor to ceiling bag room and a huge feature mural in the ring room, as well as a few small hits throughout.

As always was great working with the EBF team and congrats on their continued growth and success!


EveryBodyFights Lexington

Recently travelled down to Lexington, KY to install a few room treatments/murals for the newest EBF location. It’s awesome to see this business expanding into new territory and we were thrilled to be asked to come along for the ride. Always a pleasure working with the team at EBF.


Murals for EveryBodyFights NYC.

New York, NY

EBF: Bag Room and Mind & Body Room

We were recently invited back to EveryBodyFights to work on two new treatments for a couple different areas of the space. As they built out their programs they determined they needed some differentiation between the vibes in the different rooms/areas.

So after brainstorming on concepts we came up with some creative direction and pitched full-on room treatments for the Bag Room and Mind/Body Room. Using window treatments/screens, custom colored lighting as well as top-to-bottom wall/graphic treatments we created a vibe appropriate for each rooms activity….

We gave the Bag Room an “underground” feel, complete with a faux-concrete wall, faded graffiti hits, pipe stains and and screens for the windows The Mind and Body room took a needed a less aggressive feel, so using custom colored lights, and a wrap around mural featuring the brands ethos/motivational phrases, we created a “cloud like” feel in the room, to help tune out any distractions while getting your Zen on.

Always fun working with George and AJ….Thanks guys! Hope to do it again soon!